Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcyclists are often hard for other motorists to see, causing accidents in the sunniest of days. Pavement can turn into gravel, causing a bike to jump or veer out of control at a higher rate of speed. Weather can change instantly, making a once dry, coarse roadway slick and less manageable. Rain can also incapacitate a rider's vision momentarily, as most helmets or glasses are not equipped with wipers. Malfunctions can occur. Deer can jump in front of a bike. Sun glare or headlight glare can also cause many accidents. A variety of incidents can occur, causing one or many injuries to the motorcyclist and other riders. Over 50% of motorcycles involved in accidents are either black or dark, making it difficult for other motorists to see.

Common motorcycle injuries are fractures from the open road. Often while tumbling, the road collision can cause broken legs, arms, or other bones, sometimes breaking through the skin and damaging tendons. Lacerations occur whenever the skin is broken. Amputations are sometimes necessary in extreme cases. Physical therapy can often be helpful in regaining the usage of injured appendages.

Road rash occurs when the rider grinds the road with his or her body. This is painful and can permanently scar. Plastic surgery is sometimes necessary to repair the flesh suffering from extensive rod rash. Spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis, often damaging nerve impulses to the brain. Traumatic brain injury, which can be reduced by helmet usage, can vary with the extent of the accident. Mild brain trauma results from a lack of consciousness under 30 minutes. Some symptoms are nausea, blurred vision, behavior changes, poor concentration, decreased memory and more.

Many riders can be emotionally traumatized by an accident, inducing depression or post traumatic stress disorder. These can be treated over time with different methods of therapy or medication. If you are a motorcycle rider, please protect yourself as well as you can from injury. If an injury does occur, contact the right attorney to help you recover from your injuries. A motorcycle injury does not have to stop you from living your life.

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